Office Information
We have a new email address for requesting copies.
Please send all requests to  


Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 317.32

The Butler County Recorder’s Office will begin collecting $4.00* for entering or indexing any reference.  Follow this link to learn more.

The following books have been scanned and are available to view by entering the book and page.

Deed Books 1025-1810
Mortgage Books 1060-2622
Miscellaneous Books 1-147
Release Books 36-321
Lease Books 43-79
Power of Attorney Books 10-39
Lien Books 23-78
Partnership Books 1-21

Current Office Hours are 8:00 am - 3:30 pm.  

We will be limiting the number of copies that we will email to you for free.  We will send up to 5 requested documents, per day, at no charge.  Anything above the 5 per day will be emailed at $2.00 per page.  You can also visit our office to view or receive copies.  When visiting the office, normal copy fees will apply.

Most Geographic Indexes are available HERE.

If you are in need of indexes or copies prior to 1987, please email our office at  We will make every attempt to try and accommodate you via email, fax or mail.  UP TO 5 REQUESTED RECORDS WILL BE EMAILED FREE PER DAY.  ANYTHING ABOVE THE 5 REQUESTS WILL BE EMAILED AT $2.00 PER PAGE.
Requests will be sent within 24 hours or the next business day.

Please check our website for additional updates that will be provided as needed.
If you have any additional questions, please contact Denise Goll, Chief Deputy at or (513) 887-3195.